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World Cup Soccer - 32 Flag Set

World Cup Soccer - 32 Flag Set
Item# World Cup Set

Product Description

One single flag lapel pin for each country competing in World Cup 2018. Only $1.50 each. Single Flag pins measure 1" x .75" and are made with die struck metal and have gold plating with a colored enamel fill and a clear epoxy dome finish. Collect the complete set now. Perfect for adding to your soccer cap, vest, jacket or shirt.

Custom Flag Pins

Although we stock the double flag pins with the American Flag on the left and another country flag on the right, you can request any flag combination for double friendship pins. Just let us know which flag you want on the left side and which flag you want on the right side.

The minimum order for the custom double pins is 100 pieces per design and the prices range from .99 to $1.49 depending on quantity.

To order or see additional information click the "Custom World Flag Pins" link on the left side of this page.